A first, successful step for the SWIM Governance

On 31 July 2020, the final deliverables « SWIM Governance » Project were delivered to the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), thus concluding more than 3 years of collaborative work involving 20 partners as diverse as airports, airlines, air navigation service providers, meteorological service providers, military organizations and Eurocontrol .

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Final deliverables « SWIM Governance » Project

This Project, co-funded by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) within the SESAR Deployment framework, led by DSNA, the French Air Navigation Service Provider, is the 145th SESAR deployment ATM modernization project completed.


Maurice GEORGES, Director of DSNA, highlights that « the establishment of SWIM Governance paves the way for a controlled deployment of SWIM services which will facilitate and improve exchanges between ATM operational stakeholders. Completing this Project is a crucial step enabling the European ATM digitalization. »


A robust governance framework

The Implementation Project developed a robust governance framework through a consistent set of principles, rules, processes and structure for SWIM* governance, laid down in a structured set of documents (Agreement, Structure and Terms of Reference, SWIM service provision policy, etc.).

In addition, the Project also delivered some more “practical” deliverables such as a dry-run of the SWIM Governance structure, the set-up of the European Registry of SWIM services hosted by Eurocontrol, and some testing of “real-life” SWIM pioneer services in Europe such as Coflight Cloud Services, facilitating remote access by skyguide to a new generation of flight data processing system.


145th SESAR deployment project completion

With more than 20 Project members, the collaborative work proved successful despite the difficult and challenging topics addressed, with results accommodating as much as possible the stakeholders’ diversity. The Implementation Project was instrumental in getting a stronger voice on the international arena (e.g. ICAO, US FAA and other regions).


Nicolas WARINSKO, General Manager of the SESAR Deployment Manager, stated : « I congratulate DSNA and all involved partners for completing this 145th SESAR deployment project. The Project completion is not the end but the beginning of a new chapter, where SWIM Governance provides the backbone for true ATM digitalization.

We need to continue the work now, building on the trust framework created. To be successful, SWIM implementation needs the involvement of all European ATM stakeholders. »


*SWIM : System Wide Information Management

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