Air Transport Data - A Strategic and Economic issue

Air transport data at the service of aviation and aeronautics players in supporting their strategies.

Air Transport Data (ATD) & ATD Analytics

Since 2019, France Aviation Civile Services (FRACS), has taken over the ATD databases in order to develop them and make them a real strategic and marketing asset that it offers to players in the aviation world.

In 2021, it will further improve this service by modernising it. ATD Analytics, the analytical e-platform of the last decade's traffic flow, was launched last October.

With more than 30 years of experience, ATD provides comprehensive statistics on 3 distinct databases (Airlines, Airports, Current Traffic) with worldwide coverage. A wide range of data details for each database, adding value and accuracy to the analysis you would make of it, including indicators such as :

  • Fleets, finances, passengers carried (Airlines)
  • Passengers, cargo, movements (Airports)
  • Passengers (PAX; RPK), cargo, movements from point A to point B (Current Traffic)

All these data are collected mainly through surveys carried out by FRACS and the results are cross- referenced with different sources to provide the most accurate and consistent data available.

ATD Analytics, which is the digital version of ATD, is enriched by the data collected later on Air Transport Data.

The difference is that it presents the data in an explicit way with the help of graphs that allow a quick analysis and understanding of the statistics.

atd atd analytics fracs france aviation civile service aerobernie

With the recent addition of cargo, movement and monthly data indicators, the e-platform presents in an intuitive and accurate way the traffic flow of the last decade with an efficient analysis spectrum to follow the current situation.

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