skeyes is recruiting air traffic controllers

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of air traffic: this is the complex task of air traffic controllers. skeyes seeks motivated candidates to start the air traffic controller training. Registrations for the recruitment exam are possible until 20 March 2019 via the skeyes website.

skeyes air traffic controllers recruitment
skeyes is recruiting air traffic controllers

skeyes' air traffic controllers manage over a million movements a year in the Belgian airspace and at the different airports of the country, in other words, they are responsible for air traffic safety.

The job of an air traffic controller is a complex one. It bears an enormous responsibility. So controllers need to be thorough, have a good situational judgment, be able to make the right decisions quickly, be stress-resistant, be team-minded and have a good knowledge of English, the international language of aviation.

To start the two-year training, candidates must participate in the selection tests. Those who get the best scores on all tests (cognitive, psychological and medical) can begin training.


Practical details

Candidates must be at least 17 (and get their certificate of upper secondary education this year) and no older than 26. Registrations are open until Wednesday 20 March 2019 via the skeyes website. Interested candidates will find there all the information on the job of air traffic controller, the admission criteria and eliminating tests.

Thanks to Entry Point North Belgium, skeyes' academy, the training takes place in Belgium.

Become an Air Traffic Controller at #skeyes

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